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Fully Automated trading which places trades in you own trading account with zero human interface.
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Algo Trades are the Future of Market

Its a bull or a bear we are on it.
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Cant afford time ? Switch to Algo Trading

Not getting time, due to busy work schedules, switch to Algo Trading.
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What Is Algo Trading ?

Algo Trading or Algorithmic Trading is a trade executed automatically without human interface.

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How does Algo Trading work?

Algorithmic trading uses computer codes and chart analysis to enter and exit trades according to set parameters such as price movements or volatility levels. Once the current market conditions match any predetermined criteria, trading algorithms can execute a buy or sell order on your behalf.

Is algo trading profitable?

With algo trading, the trades are executed in fractions of seconds, with precision and without the effect of such human interventions. Because of the high-end technology and the benefits, algo trading is quite profitable

The art of trading is taking calculated risk

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Who Can Join?

Anyone with patience and expecting results in a span of 12 months.

Who Cannot Join?

Anyone with no patience and expecting profit everyday for their daily commitments.

Why Join Us?

We have back tested the product for eighteen months and we see a result of 100% increase annually in the capital invested.

Should I Invest Time To Trade?

No, all trades happen with robos automatically. You can sit back and relax.

What Are The Subscription Charges?

Ping us @bnialgo for more details

On What Do You Trade In The Market?

All trades will be taken on Bank Nifty Futures

Can I Withdraw My Profits?

No, we suggest you to follow our instructions for withdrawals.

How Much Should Be The Investment?

An investment of Rs.2,10,000 is needed to start.

How Can I Access Your Profit/Loss History?

Follow our telegram channel @bankniftyindices

What If I Loss My Investment?

Market is superior than any one of us, we have to accept our losses too as we accept our profit. Investment risk level would be 35% to 40% of the capital invested.

Should I Need To Have Any Technical Knowledge To Trade On Algo Trading?

No, you just need to open a demat account with investment to trade and we will do the rest. Follow the link below to open demat account.
Open new Upstox account

What If I Still Have Doubts And What To Clear All Doubts Before Starting?

You can directly reach us @bnialgo



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You can find all screenshots of our bank nifty indices algo trading below on monthly and daily basis

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